An estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans — nearly 40 million people — experience anxiety and fear related to going to the dentist.

At Grand Dental Center, we offer an array of solutions at our Grand Rapids, MN dentist office to help our fearful patients receive comfortable dental care. Our caring staff is committed to helping our patients feel at home in our office and we offer a variety of comfort amenities including a spa-like atmosphere and massaging treatment chairs to help our anxious patients relax during their visits. However, if these methods do not help to alleviate some of your anxieties, Drs. Johnson and McBride are well-trained to ensure your comfort during your treatment.

Patients can experience either a dental anxiety or dental phobia. Symptoms of dental anxiety include:

  • extreme stress at the dentist’s office
  • fear of pain during a dental procedure
  • fear of strong gag reflex
  • fear of loss of control while undergoing dental procedures
  • sense of uneasiness when going to dental appointments
  • worries or fears related to going to the dentist

Dental phobias are extreme fears of going to the dentist. If you have a dental phobia, you are:

  • experiencing terror and/or panic at the thought of going to the dentist
  • refraining from going to the dentist, even when you experience infections or broken teeth
  • unlikely to make or attend dental appointments due to dental anxieties

Grand Rapids Dental Care is dedicated to helping you maintain your oral health and your dentist will work with you to help determine the best sedation option for your needs.