Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent choice for patients who are missing teeth. The titanium screw that acts as a replacement for your missing tooth’s root and the porcelain crown that caps the dental implant can last for many years and help to strengthen the functionality of your existing teeth and your bite.

Dental implants can be used to replace one or several teeth, as well as replace dentures. Dental implants will look and feel like your natural teeth and you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods like apples or corn on the cob, without worrying about your teeth moving or falling out.

There are other alternatives to replace missing teeth, such as bridges or dentures. However, there are several advantages that implants have over other techniques:

  • Dental implants are secure and durable.
  • The crowns attached to them look so much like natural teeth it’s almost impossible for anyone to know you have implants.
  • The crowns can be cleaned and cared for much like natural teeth.
  • Other teeth are not disturbed in the process of placing implants.
  • With proper care, they can last the rest of your life.

Implants can be very beneficial and useful for denture patients. Historically, patients with dentures report that their dentures do not feel secure in their mouths and eating in public becomes filled with anxiety. Another real issue is that when teeth are lost, bone in your jaw begins to resorb, or essentially melt away, causing a sunken appearance of the mouth which looks like premature aging. When implants are used to replace missing teeth, one benefit is the implants prevent bone loss from occurring. When used in conjunction with dentures, implants stabilize the dentures, increase retention and maintain a youthful appearance.

At Grand Dental Center, we work with area dental implant specialists to place your implants and then we complete the procedure with natural-looking, long-lasting restorations such as dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Give us a call today at 218-326-0339 to schedule a dental implants consultation with Dr. Lisa Johnson or Dr. Leanna McBride.